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KCA was founded by retired FBI Special Agent and Supervisor J.J. Klaver, Ph.D.  In J.J.’s distinguished 26-year FBI career he was involved in cases across the broad spectrum of the FBI’s jurisdiction as an investigator, as the Supervisor of the Technical Operations Squad and as a Technically Trained Agent, as a Crisis Management Coordinator, and as a Public Affairs and Media Relations Coordinator and Spokesperson. He followed that up with a stint in corporate compliance.

 As the Supervisor of the Technical Operations Squad, J.J. directed the strategic application of the FBI's technical investigative capabilities and resources to all evidence, data and intelligence collection requirements, and for management of over a $3.5 million equipment inventory and technical supply budget.  As a Crisis Management Coordinator, J.J. managed and directed crisis response planning and execution, incident command post operations, and internal and external crisis response training.  J.J. also supervised and managed the Executive Staff Services Squad, responsible for Public Affairs & Media Relations, Community Outreach, in-service and external Police training, Firearms Training, the Polygraph Program, Special Agent Recruiting, the Evidence Response Team, and the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP).

 As the Public Affairs and Media Relations Coordinator for eight years, J.J. developed and implemented media relations strategies, including reactive emergency response procedures and proactive strategies for presenting information that enhanced the public's positive image of the FBI.  In that role, J.J. interfaced with local and national media outlets to provide information regarding FBI operations and investigations, and acted as the spokesperson for on-camera and on-the-record comments, functioned as the sole intermediary between employees, management and executive staff and local and national media, prepared and issued written press releases, executive speeches, and talking point documents, and coordinated and collaborated with representatives of Federal, state and local partner agencies to insure a consistent and unified message on matters of joint interest. In addition, J.J. created and delivered training for FBI employees and local law enforcement officials on media relations, crisis communications, and public affairs planning across the country, as an adjunct faculty member of the FBI’s Training Division and prestigious FBI Academy, the FBI National Academy, and the Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar program.  Although retired from the FBI, J.J. remains a trusted expert voice for numerous local and national media outlets.

As a Technically Trained Agent, J.J. provided guidance and assistance to Special Agents in the application of the FBI's technical resources to their evidence, data and intelligence collection needs. This included the assessment of investigative and intelligence requirements and needs for the application of existing technologies or the development, design and implementation of customized technical solutions.  With specialized training in the field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), J.J. conducted technical physical and electronic security inspections and evaluations of FBI space across the United States to detect, assess, evaluate and remediate threats and vulnerabilities.

In addition to an expert law enforcement perspective, J.J. also brings a technology perspective and a comprehensive crisis response and management view to his approach, having been an FBI Technically Trained Agent and the Supervisor of the Technical Operations Squad, as well as an FBI Crisis Management Coordinator and a Public Affairs and Media Relations Coordinator during his FBI career. 

In his role as a Technically Trained Agent and as the Supervisor of the Technical Operations Squad, J.J. developed and honed a unique skill-set in the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities and opportunities for the best possible deployment of the FBI's most sensitive and sophisticated technologies, for the purposes of collecting intelligence and evidence in the full range of the FBI's investigative responsibilities. This included surreptitious entry into buildings and facilities for the installation of collection and monitoring equipment and for the exfiltration and recording of evidence.

This "offensive" view of the vulnerabilities in an individual's or organization's facilities places J.J. in a unique position to provide an accurate "defensive" view of how to reduce and remediate weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist in physical, information, and access control systems, facilities and structures. J.J. was also an FBI certified Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) inspector, and conducted TSCM inspections for FBI facilities across the U.S.

 J.J. and his team of specially selected associates and partners can bring their decades of law enforcement, government and private sector experience and expertise to your organization, at the highest levels of individual service, to meet your organization’s unique needs and requirements.